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Over the past few months, we have received so many wonderful questions surrounding the “Life is a Business” mentorship program, which aims to help you achieve happiness through the principles of health, wealth, and wisdom. To help you better understand what the mentorship is all about, the program creator Dr. Bharat Sangani is answering the most frequently asked questions. He breaks down everything from what the program includes to how long it lasts. We hope you find this useful!


What makes “Life is a Business” different from other mentorship programs?

The majority of mentorship programs limit you to a one-time educational process. This is not the case for “Life is a Business.” Our program is a lifelong process, and we will be with you every step of the way no matter how long it takes. Additionally, most mentorship programs are designed to make money. “Life is a Business” is not. You are our priority, not your money.


What does the health program include?

Essentially, our main goal is to make you healthy. We’ll help you maintain an ideal body weight, manage any chronic conditions, and set you free from addiction. Through this program, we will help you gain control over all of these aspects.


Why did you create LIAB?

Throughout my life, I have accumulated a multitude of experiences. Those experiences have taught me that the ultimate goal in life is happiness. This discovery helped me take the word “happiness” and give it an objective definition. This is how the idea for “Life is a Business” came to life. Ultimately, the program is a quest for finding your purpose in life, defining that purpose, and accomplishing it.


How long have you been working on this program?

The concept started 30 years ago, once I took the time to examine my own life and others I met along the way.


How long is the program?

“Life is a Business” is a 12-month course.


How does health factor into your happiness?

Without health, you cannot be in a position to achieve wealth or wisdom. The goal of health is to not make the participants suffer for a short period of time to meet vanity-driven goals but to have a lifestyle change and find true happiness. This course is not a short-term solution for health! We will educate you on how to lead a completely healthy lifestyle.


Why is wealth included in the course?

Wealth eliminates many problems regarding safety, security, opportunity, and basic societal and fundamental needs. Creating wealth starts with defining your goals, capabilities, and desires. Through “Life is a Business” we will teach you how to create an environment that satisfies these three characteristics and enables you to live within your means.


What does “Wisdom in Relationships” mean?

Wisdom in Relationships” is the act of maintaining positive relationships with the people that directly impact your life. There are normally only between 10 to 15 people that can permanently affect your happiness such as yourself, your children, friends, parents, and partners.


If you still have questions about the “Life is a Business” mentorship program, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you!


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