Dr. Bharat Sangani

Dr. Bharat Sangani, affectionately known as Doc, is a cardiologist with keen business acumen and a track record of success in establishing multiple thriving businesses across the nation. Based in Dallas, Texas, he leads a fulfilling life with his wonderful family.

As the founder and CEO of Encore Enterprises, a commercial real estate investment company established in 1999, Dr. Sangani boasts over 30 years of experience in both the medical and real estate industries. Having facilitated transactions exceeding $2 billion, his expertise spans real estate development, entrepreneurship, and more, making him a pivotal figure in all his ventures. Dr. Sangani’s business ethos, rooted in honesty, integrity, and fairness, forms the bedrock of his achievements.

Driven by his core values, Dr. Sangani embarked on his next mission: Life is a Business. This program stems from his profound understanding of the three principles of health, wealth, and wisdom, serving as a roadmap to life’s ultimate pursuit: happiness. Created by a cardiologist, entrepreneur, and relationship mentor, this program not only ensures physical, financial, and relationship stability but also lays a foundation for a fulfilling and joyous life.

Life is a Business mentorship program tailored exclusively for you. Dr. Sangani personally crafts a custom plan to cater to your unique needs. He will serve as your mentor, confidant, and friend, guiding you toward success in both your personal and professional life. Are you ready to embark on this journey of happiness?



The key to happiness is to educate, encourage, and equip others to believe in the possibilities and help live the lives they would IF they only knew how!



To create a successful, enjoyable, and meaningful life for people of all ages.

What People Say

  • Before joining the Sangani Summer challenge, I was committed to certain patterns of behaviors because they helped me in the past. Now those behaviors have become more harmful than helpful. The reason why I have not been able to move forward is, I kept applying an old formula to a new level in my life. Now I have changed the formula and getting different and encouraging results. With the Sangani Summer Challenge, I am keeping engaged with loving people around me, spending more time with my family, writing and sending handwritten notes every morning, and getting up full of energy and refreshed. Meditation for the past three months helps me most! I am keeping my health first and following the Sangani Summer Challenge schedule! Thank you!

  • Dr. Sangani probably saved my life many times. He is the best doctor I have ever had and is always smiling and very polite. I recently moved from the coast, but one of the biggest negatives I had about leaving was losing him as my cardiologist.

    Hank in Gurley
  • I was a patient of Dr. Sangani for years, and I would HIGHLY recommend him for your cardiologist’s needs. His staff is great and easily reachable. He also has his own staff for performing bloodwork on-site and all stress tests are performed onsite as well. Rarely do I find such a good Dr who does not make you wait.

    David in Gulfport
  • Doc has had an amazing impact on my life. He has a way of simplifying life in a way anyone can understand and relate to. He helped me discover my true self and helped me gain the courage to take the leap many people regret not taking. I appreciate him so much.

    Dr Amit Mirchandani
    Dr Amit Mirchandani
  • When I think about Dr. Sangani, one word comes to mind: Extraordinary. The impact that Dr. Sangani has had on my life has made me a better professional, and more importantly, a better person. Through Dr. Sangani’s mentorship and guidance, I have learned many lessons on success, especially working to create results that are positive for all of us. Dr. Sangani teaches you how to build for long term happiness and fulfillment, not just instant gratification.

  • Since I met Dr Sangani in 2015, I have started looking at life differently. Balancing Health, Wealth, & Wisdom through simple tools and mentoring sessions that he has developed, has given a new turn in my career, business & life perspective. I have always felt welcomed to meet Dr. Sangani for any situation. He has always provided needed motivation & support to overcome challenges. I am most impressed with how transparently he shares his personal as well as business experiences. While trying to build a small business of my own, I have been privileged to look at some of the biggest deals that Dr. Sangani has been working on. He has always driven accountability to look life in totality. As he says, don’t forget to enjoy life while you are building it working very hard. I feel lucky to have a mentor like him at this part of my life.

  • As Doc’s daughter, I have grown up listening to the ideas and advice of my father. Over and above all else, I appreciate his ability to lead by example. He will never ask of someone what he does not practice himself. His out of the box thinking and mastery of multiple disciplines affords him an incredibly unique perspective on how to create a life worth living.

    Nili Jaisinghani
    Nili Jaisinghani
  • I have lost over 28 pounds in 3 months and feel the best I have felt in years! Doc listens to your needs and takes the time to develop a program that fits into your daily life. I am so thankful for Doc and Life is a Business Mentorship

    Sherry Tradsome
    New York
  • Life is a Business mentorship SAVED my business. I signed up for the Advisory Program and have been able to talk to Doc and his team about everything when needed. They are supportive and do not make you feel silly for asking questions. Doc is a very successful but humble man and I would be lost without this program

    Matt Turley