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This exclusive program offers 12 months of personalized one-on-one mentoring with Dr. Bharat Sangani and his team of experts, conducted entirely online. You'll receive guidance from Dr. Bharat Sangani, and supported by the exceptional Life is a Business team. Priced at $1200 for the full year, this program allows you to seek advice on health, wealth, and wisdom in relationships. Ideal for those seeking significant life changes but unsure where to begin, this program provides a unique opportunity to transform your life.

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What People Say

  • Dr. Sangani probably saved my life many times. He is the best doctor I have ever had and is always smiling and very polite. I recently moved from the coast, but one of the biggest negatives I had about leaving was losing him as my cardiologist.

    Hank in Gurley
  • I was a patient of Dr. Sangani for years, and I would HIGHLY recommend him for your cardiologist’s needs. His staff is great and easily reachable. He also has his own staff for performing bloodwork on-site and all stress tests are performed onsite as well. Rarely do I find such a good Dr who does not make you wait.

    David in Gulfport
  • Doc has had an amazing impact on my life. He has a way of simplifying life in a way anyone can understand and relate to. He helped me discover my true self and helped me gain the courage to take the leap many people regret not taking. I appreciate him so much.

    Dr Amit Mirchandani
    Dr Amit Mirchandani
  • When I think about Dr. Sangani, one word comes to mind: Extraordinary. The impact that Dr. Sangani has had on my life has made me a better professional, and more importantly, a better person. Through Dr. Sangani’s mentorship and guidance, I have learned many lessons on success, especially working to create results that are positive for all of us. Dr. Sangani teaches you how to build for long term happiness and fulfillment, not just instant gratification.

  • As Doc’s daughter, I have grown up listening to the ideas and advice of my father. Over and above all else, I appreciate his ability to lead by example. He will never ask of someone what he does not practice himself. His out of the box thinking and mastery of multiple disciplines affords him an incredibly unique perspective on how to create a life worth living.

    Nili Jaisinghani
    Nili Jaisinghani
  • I have lost over 28 pounds in 3 months and feel the best I have felt in years! Doc listens to your needs and takes the time to develop a program that fits into your daily life. I am so thankful for Doc and Life is a Business Mentorship

    Sherry Tradsome
    New York
  • Life is a Business mentorship SAVED my business. I signed up for the Advisory Program and have been able to talk to Doc and his team about everything when needed. They are supportive and do not make you feel silly for asking questions. Doc is a very successful but humble man and I would be lost without this program

    Matt Turley

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