Financial Management
Father and daughter smiling and looking at device
“Fun” and “finances” aren’t usually used in the same sentence. However, teaching the next generation about making smart financial decisions from a young age will help them as they grow up. Therefore, finding ways to make finances enjoyable for children is essential to the success of their financial foundation. With school being out for the...
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Life is a Business
Over the past few months, we have received so many wonderful questions surrounding the “Life is a Business” mentorship program, which aims to help you achieve happiness through the principles of health, wealth, and wisdom. To help you better understand what the mentorship is all about, the program creator Dr. Bharat Sangani is answering the...
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There’s one question that everyone asks: “How do I manage my money better?” We are often lured by discounts and attractive offers to buying something we don’t need. Although we realize we are perfectly fine without buying this product, we cannot stop ourselves. Then, we end up spending a lot of time looking at our...
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