10 Fun Summer Activities for the Family


If you ask most kids what their favorite season is, they’ll probably say summer. No school for two months means extra playtime outside, pool parties with friends, and the freedom to sleep in on weekdays. This season gives kids the opportunity to practice healthy habits like exercise and building strong relationships with their peers. One of the best things about summer is that it also gives parents more time to spend with their children. However, the added time at home can sometimes leave us running out of things to do. You can only go to the pool so many days per week, right? 


To help you plan a summer agenda that both you and your kids will love, we’re sharing 10 fun and affordable summer activities for the family. 


  1. Backyard Campout

If a weekend-long camping trip isn’t an accessible option for you, bring the wilderness right to your backyard. Work together as a family to pitch a tent in the grass, build a campfire, roast ‘smores, and tell classic campfire stories. Your kids will feel like they’re on an adventure but with the convenience of being close to home! Overall, a backyard campout provides a great family bonding experience.


  1. Learn New Recipe

One way to start teaching children about healthy eating at a young age is by getting them in the kitchen and involved in the cooking process. As a family, choose a new dinner or dessert recipe each week to make together. It’s a fun and healthy way to spark creativity and get their hands a little messy (because we know kids love that). 


  1. Volunteer Together

What better way to bond as a family than by doing something that’s good for your community? Volunteering teaches kids about the value of giving back and making a positive impact. Do some research together and have the kids pick an organization in your neighborhood they care about. Contribute to the cause by volunteering for a day or putting together a box of donations. 


  1. Do a Scavenger Hunt 

What’s more exciting to a kid than going on the hunt for an exciting prize? Whether you do a scavenger hunt around the house or at a nearby park, your kids will be learning how to work together all while having fun doing it. Write out a series of clues that lead them to a package of new toys or treats as their reward. This is a great team-building activity that also gets them off the couch and on their feet! 


  1. Plan a Picnic 

Take one of the new recipes you’ve made outside for lunch in the park. Kids are used to spending much of their days inside of a classroom, and a picnic allows them to enjoy the outdoors while having a healthy meal. 


  1. Have a Water Balloon Fight

Beat the summer heat and follow your picnic with a water balloon fight in the park. Invite the other neighborhood kids and parents to come join for the fun (and wet) afternoon activity. Pair the families up into teams for a little friendly competition or have a free-for-all balloon brawl. 


  1. Paint Rocks Outside

Incorporate art with nature by doing this creative activity. Have each member of the family find a rock outside and paint them in the backyard. Once everyone is done with their masterpiece, reveal the finished products to each other to admire the artistic work. This is such a simple yet fun way to get the entire family’s creative juices flowing, all while appreciating nature! 


  1. Put on a Sidewalk Chalk Art Show

Continue the creativity with a sidewalk chalk art show. Have each family member create their own chalk picture, game (such as hopscotch), or sign. Then, have the kids draw paper invitations for their friends and neighbors. Invite them over to come pursue through the artwork! 


  1. Go to Local Museums

There are many free or donation-based museums in every city throughout the country. So there should be no shortage of art, science, and history in or near your town. Museums are a wonderful summer activity because they provide educational yet fun experiences in a time when kids aren’t going to school. 


  1. Have a Movie Night 

Nothing beats a classic movie night. Each week, select a different family member to pick a film of their choice and watch it together as a family. Break out the popcorn and create a cozy environment on the couch to bring the movie theater experience right to your living room! 


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  1. I like your tip to go to a local museum as a learning experience during the summer. My sons love animals and natural history so maybe a museum about that or a zoo would be fun. Thank you for all the fun ideas of things we can do during the summer with our family!

  2. My kids will be on school break so and my wife and I are looking for activities for us to do. I appreciate that this post shared that movie night is a good idea. I will definitely schedule weekly movie nights so that we can have fun and bond.

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