Do people still put out ads? Even though we are no longer advertising in the traditional sense (TV, newspapers, etc.), the world of marketing is alive and well. It has transitioned to a whole new format: digital. The rules have changed, but marketing continues to be an important part of running a business.

If you do not invest in marketing you simply will not grow. A lot of people are doing their own marketing these days and though it may sound like a good idea at first, creating content day after day starts to become a full-time job in itself. I like to work with a professional marketing service, The it Crowd Marketing Agency located in Dallas, Tx; so I can give my company the best shot at reaching my customer base. Before you decide to write off marketing, here are just some of the ways that it can transform your business:

It helps to build a company’s reputation

When you send out a beautifully designed email, social post, or video, your audience takes notice. They begin to understand what you’re about, your level of professionalism, what makes your product or service special, and your place in the market. Good marketing will establish a certain level of trust and interest in the customer almost immediately.

It becomes a valuable channel of communication between your company and your customer base

When you release a new product or service, you cannot just set it on the shelf and hope people will notice. It’s new, different, and people need to know why they should buy it. Marketing becomes this wonderful tool that keeps customers up-to-date with the progression of your business and the new, exciting things you are creating.

It provides new opportunities to increase your sales

Anytime you advertise your product or service, your chances of making a sale go up. This could be comparable to creating a profile on a dating app. Who has a better chance at finding love, the person who is sitting at home and watching TV every night? Or the person who has put themselves out there and is actively communicating with potential matches? Marketing helps put your product in front of potential buyers and the result is more sales.

It helps your company stay relevant

By staying in the eyes and minds of your customers, you are staying relevant. A good marketing campaign has the power to make your company look fresh and new even when nothing has changed. It can make a company that has been around for 100 years appear like it was just opened yesterday. Image is a very powerful thing and marketing is the way you keep your business relevant and looking great.

Marketing is necessary to the success of any business. I would encourage you to consider investing in a professional marketing campaign in the beginning phases of your business as it will lay the foundation for your company’s reputation and image right out of the gate. Marketing is not dead, in fact; it’s more important than ever. The 90-day courses can help guide you in making the right financial decisions for your company, and introduce you to the resources to make not only your personal life better but help your business succeed as well. Enroll in one of my 90-day courses at

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