It’s high time that we do a reality check on our health problems before it’s too late. We rarely go to a doctor for minor health problems such as cold and fever, but do you realize that major diseases can begin with something that simple? While our symptoms may look minor now, failing to get...
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The mind and the body are often considered two different entities; however, it is important to realize the relationship between the two. Mental and physical health go hand-in-hand. When we give importance to both physical and mental health, we are more likely to achieve our goal without getting distracted. People with good mental and physical...
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Talk to any nutritionist or pick up any fitness book, and they will all say that diet is the key to maintain your weight. No matter how many hours you’re spending at the gym, if you’re not following a proper daily diet properly, you’ll have to wait much longer before you see results. However, everyone...
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Let me start by asking you a simple question- “Do you eat to live or live to eat?” I’m sure most people would reply, “We Eat to Live”, I would say that that’s somewhat of a diplomatic answer for some because they hide that they are a complete foodie? Now, think for a minute and...
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