The Sangani Show – One Size Does Not Fit All – Episode 8

A new episode of The Sangani Show is out!

I sat down with my good friend Otis Caston, the CEO of Fitness With O, a boot camp program 💪 that focuses on fitness as a lifestyle change.

In this episode, we discuss topics such as the importance of maintaining a fit body, the best path to take to get to the body of your dreams, how often we should be exercising, and why it’s important to measure your progress when it comes to pursuing fitness goals.

Otis believes that fitness should be a lifestyle change which we discuss at length in this new podcast interview.

During his spare time, Otis also uses his degree in social work to help troubled teens in his neighborhood while working as a personal trainer part-time. He now uses the motivational skills he learned as a social worker to help people in the Dallas-Texas area achieve their fitness goals.

My family has been working with Otis for years and they have greatly benefited from his fitness services.

Click below to listen to the full episode.

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