If you’ve been following Dr. Bharat Sangani, then you know that he’s more than a cardiologist. He’s a passionate businessman who has made it his mission to help others achieve a high level of success in every aspect of life – particularly in the areas of health, wealth, and wisdom. He shares his insight with coaching programs and one-on-one mentorships that are designed to help members become the best version of themselves while striving for the life of their dreams. Now, he’s taking his ideas and guidance a step further by launching a podcast, The Sangani Show. In each episode, Dr. Sangani breaks down the answers to solving life’s challenges with his expert tips for success.

To kick things off, the first episode of The Sangani Show highlights the story of how Dr. Sangani accumulated a surplus of wealth, eventually securing the title of a self-made businessman. “I came to the US in 1983 from Mumbai, India with $10.45 in my pocket and with a big dream in my heart,” says Sangani. “Now, I’m a practicing cardiologist and businessman, an entrepreneur, life mentor, and most importantly, a dad.”

So how did he do it? We’re sharing a few of the key insights from the debut episode, “How To: Become a Billionaire,” below.

Get Educated 

According to Dr. Sangani, the first step to his success was getting educated. The value of education is something that his father instilled in him at a young age, and he credits this with playing one of the most significant roles in getting him to where he is today. So, whether you decide to go back to school for a bachelor’s or graduate degree or dedicate time to learning the ins and outs of a specific trade, education comes first in the process of building a billion-dollar empire.

Establish a Progressive Mindset

The second step to Dr. Sangani’s success? Establishing and maintaining a progressive mindset. In this episode of The Sangani Show, he emphasizes the importance of always striving to get better, improve your skills, and aim higher, no matter what level of success you might have already achieved. According to Sangani, keeping a progressive mindset at the forefront of everything you do is a key to accumulating wealth and building impressive monetary savings.

Invest Your Income

Step three? Invest. Dr. Sangani watched as his net worth skyrocketed after he began investing in property. Putting his surplus income towards real estate investments created a major boost in his overall wealth. Based on what you’re able to invest, find a field that best works for you, your lifestyle, and your goals – whether that’s investing in real estate like Dr. Sangani or investing in the stock market.

Learn to Live Within Your Means

A surefire way to begin saving cash is by living within your means (or even below your means!) This might mean saying no to that fancy Friday night dinner and canceling one of your many subscription services. Start making smarter choices and stop throwing money out the window for luxury things. When you start living within your means, according to Dr. Sangani, “the stress will stay away.” Additionally, living within your means can be a great motivator to further increase those means.

Focus on Happiness

When all is said and done, creating wealth is about more than just money. It’s about creating a comfortable lifestyle for yourself and your family. “Happiness can be achieved objectively by managing health, wealth, and the wisdom of relationships,” explains Sangani. With the goal of happiness in mind, you can be more intentional with how you spend, save, and invest your income.

Want to learn more about how you can achieve health, wealth, and wisdom like Dr. Sangani? Sign up for his mentorship courses here.

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