It’s high time that we do a reality check on our health problems before it’s too late. We rarely go to a doctor for minor health problems such as cold and fever, but do you realize that major diseases can begin with something that simple?

While our symptoms may look minor now, failing to get care for them can affect us negatively in the future. Also, healthcare is not only about our physical well-being; taking care of our mental health is equally important.

For one of my good friends, it all started with mild chest pain. The pain lasted for only a few minutes and disappeared. Then it happened again a week later. This pattern continued for about three months. Just like any other human with little medical knowledge, he thought everything was normal because each time, his discomfort disappeared after a few minutes.

Then one day, he felt the pain for more than ten minutes, and it happened a second time on the same day. He immediately went to see a doctor, only to learn that he had developed cancer.

What seemed to be a minor chest pain has now transformed into a life-threatening disease.


Minor Health Problems Can Lead to Dangerous Disease

What may seem like a bad cough could lead to the development of something serious, such as lung disease.

While it’s not fair to call cough a health problem, it’s important to recognize it as a symptom that most of us ignore, thinking it’s nothing more than a cough that will go away in two or three days.

Even mild infections, under certain conditions, may become dangerous infections. Don’t discount these small incidents; instead, pay close attention to them.


Small Things Can Hamper Our Long-Term Health

You may think the pain in your knee is from slamming it into a heavy table a few days ago (and you’d be right). But you may not realize that later, it can become the site of arthritis.

Or you may think your sadness is related to a recent relationship break-up or job loss, which would be natural. But if it lingers, it can lead to depression.


There’s Often a Difference Between Perception and Reality

We live in a society where everyone believes they’re in control of their health problems because, even though many of us have no training in medicine, we can always ask a friend or look something up on the internet. That gives us a false sense of control.

But it’s time we realize that our perception is not always the reality.

And that’s why we need a reality check about our health and potential problems.


When to See a Doctor

Anytime you have a minor infection or small variation that lasts more than a week, it’s wise to check in with your doctor.

And by a minor, I mean even the things you don’t consider threatening, such as coughs, colds, or small infections.

Why? Because preventing and managing health problems is easy in the early stages.

When you are mindful of your health and promptly take care of any changes to it, you can avoid those minor things developing into serious health complications in the future.

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