From time to time, we all get angry, upset, or worried about small things. It’s normal. But what happens when that anxiety and anger starts affecting your day-to-day life? Many of us let apprehension, frustration, or overthinking take control of our lives. As a result, we prevent ourselves from living our life to the fullest — that is, we prevent ourselves from living in the present.

When you train your mind to stay calm, you can live a stress-free and happy life.

The tools I’m going to talk about are related to each other and produce the best results when implemented together.

Understand the Difference between Reality and Fantasy

When our brain starts fantasizing, the sky is the limit for creativity. Our brain operates in a belief that all the stories are real without processing what’s fact or fiction. We keep creating stories that aren’t real and are never going to happen. And, when reality hits and we realize that we have been living in a fantasy, we often move into a state of depression.

That’s why it’s important to distinguish between the reality of an event and the exaggerated story, gossip, or guilt that might surround it. Those fantasies grow into stories that conflict with reality and can cause us frustration, confusion, and anxiety.

Understanding the difference between reality and fiction will help you stay calmer and more positive, even when you face the harsh realities of life.

Reframe Your Thoughts

Once you understand the difference between reality and fantasy, it’s time to reframe your thoughts.

Start with questioning the evidence for and against your thinking. Ask yourself, am I jumping directly to negative conclusions?

What good do these negative thoughts add? Do they take you closer to your goals? Do they aid your relationships at work or with friends and family? If not, then start practicing ways to think about the positive aspects of every situation. Allow your mind to stay calm.

Listen to Your Favorite Music

Music is the best therapy as it has the potential to calm our minds even in the worst cases. Tune in to your favorite song and listen to it on a loop. Researchers and scientists have proven that music has a calming effect and can significantly improve our mood.

Notice Internal Judgements

Many of us fear judgment from others so much that we often start judging ourselves. Nothing is more harmful to the mind than internal self-judgments. Instead, take a moment to start loving yourself. Control your inner judgmental thoughts as soon as they occur.

Acknowledge and accept reality. Stop comparing yourself with others who already have what you want, or who are taller, wealthier, or live in bigger houses. Remember what’s good for you. This will help you focus on the greater part of your life, thus calming your mind.

Learn to Let Go

We often hold onto all the bad things that happen to us. Did someone cheat on you? Break your trust? Or worse? Or did you make a terrible mistake?

These feelings happen to everyone. Instead of thinking about it all the time, and punishing yourself for these feelings, learn to let go. Focus on the lesson you learned and try to forget about the episode itself. If you can’t forget what happened, focus on the positives, and use them to grow into a better person.

When you learn to let go, you train your mind to stay calm even in the worst situations.

The importance of calming your mind cannot be ignored. It impacts our lives positively by allowing us to live in the present.

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