The Sangani Show – Skills an effective CFO should possess – Episode 9

A new episode of The Sangani Show is out!

In this episode, I interviewed Yatin Gandhi, the CFO, and Treasurer of Encore Enterprises. Yatin has over 25 years of experience in financial and risk management. He also manages Encore’s private equity investments so has a very broad perspective on the financial side of the business.

In this episode Yatin reveals to us:

  • What exactly is a CFO
  • How the role of CFO has evolved over the years
  • Why the CFO should be the first person you hire when starting a new company
  • What attributes you should look for in a good CFO
  • What a CFO needs to do to work in tandem with the CEO
  • The 3 signs that your company is financially healthy
  • Why 85% of businesses close in the first two years
  • The importance of liquidity

Our conversation was highly educational and would be very helpful to listen to if you are a CFO yourself or looking to hire a CFO for your business.

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