The sangani method
Wisdom is often confused with knowledge. They are related, but they are not synonymous. Knowledge is the information and skills acquired through education or experience, whereas wisdom is the ability to use knowledge and experience to apply sound judgment to life. Without wisdom, we are of little value to the world. Wisdom is not only...
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Are you unable to stop replaying a conversation that happened with your spouse or your coworker? Or are you going through your presentation again and again? Well, these are instances of overthinking. Thinking is good, but overthinking is mentally exhausting. What happens when you overthink your work or the actions of other people? Your judgment...
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Life is all about the way we think. Success and failure depend on our thinking pattern. Right behind our thoughts are our feelings. When we think about more negative things, we generally hold ourselves down. When we change our thinking to focus on positive things around us, we are more likely to improve our outlook...
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