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Dr. Bharat Sangani has created an unbelievable program to assist you in the three main areas of your life Health, Wealth, and Wisdom in Relationships!

This is where Life is a Business was birthed!

Over the next few months, our newsletters will focus solely on one pillar of happiness. Taking a deep dive into each topic to help you better understand how these truly affect your happiness.


Health is the first pillar of the three components to achieving happiness.

Without it, you cannot be in a position to achieve wealth or wisdom. The goal of health is to not to make the participants suffer for a short period of time to meet vanity driven goals, but to have a lifestyle change and find true happiness. This course is not a short term solution!

We are educating the client on how to lead a completely healthy lifestyle.

In order to measure these lifestyle changes, participants will have a quantitative short and long-term nutritional and exercise goals and get freedom from addiction.


Getting all other health issues under control. Ideal body weight and physical improvements will be secondary results from the changes.