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In this month’s focus of the Life is a Business mentorship program, we have been covering the Wealth portion and focused on Investing. With everything going on in the world today, especially the Stock Market, I wanted to make sure that I give some helpful tips to keep going or even start when it comes to your money and investing. I hope you find this material helpful!

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Dr. Bharat Sangani


Our most recent blog reveals tips for someone who wants to get into the game of investment is out.  Many people see investing as a risk, and yes, it is a risk. However, if you go about it smartly, you cannot fail with it.

I have been investing my money for many, many years and have learned some crucial lessons along the way. I discovered how to invest in a way that will give optimal returns and when you should take the risk versus hold back.

In the beginning, start small, do not put all of your eggs in one basket, and do your research before jumping into what seems like a promising opportunity.

Click below to read my full post on how to invest for beginners.

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Dr. Bharat Sangani


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