Advisory Program


Advisory Program

The Mentorship Program was created and started from a concept based on Dr. Bharat Sangani’s experience with the three principles of Health, Wealth, and Wisdom. They are the three components in creating a roadmap to achieve the ultimate goal of life – Happiness. Developed by a cardiologist, entrepreneur, and relationship mentor, this program was built to not only provide you physical stability, financial stability, and relationship stability, it was built to provide you the foundation you need to live a long and happy life. This specific 12 month program is not for everyone and Dr. Sangani has a proven method in his ways of deciding who is a qualified candidate.

Welcome to the Advisory Program!

Dr. Bharat Sangani has decided to take the Life is a Business mentorship program one step further. If you have been sent this page and have access to it, Dr. Sangani has had a conversation with you, and completed a thorough evaluation of everything needed to determine your program. The Life is a Business, 12 month program is not one that best suits you at this time. It does not mean Dr. Sangani can not help and take certain parts of the program to assist you. Dr. Sangani is very serious when it comes to your goals, and values your time, and this is a method that has been proven by many.

The 1 year Advisory Access Plan

This plan includes:

  • 12 Month Email Access with Dr. Bharat Sangani
  • With this program you will have full access to Dr. Bharat Sangani through email for a total of 12 months. You can ask him anything that you want regarding the Life is a Business program and or your specific needs, gaining insights and steps to become successful in the areas of life you choose.
  • All responses will take 2 to 3 weeks at a time.
  • Cost of this program is a one time fee of $1200
  • Zoom Platinum Level:
    • If during this time you wish to schedule a zoom call with Dr. Sangani, this program offers 30 minute increments and pricing will be discussed prior to scheduling.

Dr. Bharat Sangani is honored that you have chosen to apply for Life is a Business program and is looking forward to a relationship with you and your future endeavors! We are ready to take you to the next level in your journey. Congratulations!